All You Need To Photograph Jewelry As A Vendor

All You Need To Photograph Jewelry As A Vendor

1, 2, 3, and then the click of a camera isn’t all that you need to capture the beautiful smiles of a moment or a piece of beautiful jewelry. An excellent camera lens matters a great deal in photo’ing jewelry, I must confess. To take chick pictures of jewelry like those on Instagram, you require other items and a bit of propping up to spice up your creativity and every item you got ready for this business of photographing your collections.

Taking pictures of your products saves time and good cash on your part. This is something you should learn to do perfectly to secure your space in the E-commerce store. This also requires you to consider other crucial things you’ll need to succeed as a jewelry vendor in this space. 

All You Need To Photograph Jewelry As A Vendor

First, You should consider the background

Using a great background that brings out details of the jewelry you sell is as significant as the jewelry itself. A background can mar the loveliness of the jewelry or make it look even more beautiful. A white background works the best for most gem pieces. For silver jewelry and other jewelry photography with lighter colors, using a darker background works better to reduce the reflection of light and make it more beautiful with less reflection. For the white background, plain white papers, white linen, or any bright white material will do well.

Natural background works well also for lighter colors of jewelry. The natural background introduces a blend of beautiful colors. This makes plain jewelry look more attractive.

Lighting Sources

The essence of a good lightning source can honestly not be overemphasized. Bad lighting when taking pictures due to the reflection of most jewelry pieces may give jewelry bad colors and the red light that bounces back. This gives the jewelry an awful look. You need a well-lit room and good light sources to curb this. No, the light from your camera will not provide all the light you need. It is most advisable to turn off the camera light as it adds extra colors to your jewelry. Getting a good light source is vital. When you take pictures using sunlight, taking them under the shade will give a much better result. Small well-lit rooms are a better choice than larger rooms. Small rooms reflect better light, and they impede bouncing back of the light.

Your Lens Power

Pictures that highlight details are better preferences over others. Images of good quality as such can only be gotten with cameras of powerful lenses. In photography, cameras with great lenses are better choices since they have lenses equipped with high focal power. Some androids and iPhones are equipped with good lenses too. If your Android device or iPhone has good focal power, utilizing them for this purpose is a good decision.

A Good Table

Using a good with just enough width and length for your jewelry provides a firmer pose for your jewelry. Any table with a height equal on all sides can suit this objective.

Watch Your Positioning

The positioning of your camera should complement the position of your light sources. A badly positioned camera, even with a good lens, gives a bad view of your jewelry product. The appearance and shape of your jewelry are dependent on the kind of camera position you should take. The height of your camera and the stance you adopt while taking the shots matter as well. Some jewelry confirmation would need an overhead shot. Others would need a shot at an angle convenient to capture all the sides of the jewelry piece to show its radiant beauty. Mastering the conformation of the jewelry solves the majority of the problems dealing with positioning.

All You Need To Photograph Jewelry As A Vendor

Use Foam Boards

Foam boards or other similar materials are excellent choices to block shadows formed by the light sources. Light sources leave cast at the opposite side of the light. Utilizing a foam board large enough to cover the shadows produces a good photograph ready for Instagram.  White foam boards are better advised as they block shadows as well as supplement light reflection.

Prep Your Jewelry 

Your jewelry needs to be organized right to give the right picture. Cleaning your jewelry free from dust and dirt gives them a brighter chance to reflect light when you capture a shot. Your jewelry should be well-prepped for the photographs and arrange In a manner that shows its exquisite qualities. This is an easy way of improving the quality of your shots.

Use a Tripod

Ever taken a shot that remained blurry even while trying to maintain a static position yourself? You should get a tripod soon without giving it a second thought. A tripod helps you take clear pictures without blur. No one would want to purchase a badly taken photograph of jewelry, no matter how beautiful you think it is. So quickly, get a tripod, and easily avoid the blur.

Take the Photo

Taking photos of the jewelry now with everything properly positioned is not a difficult task. Familiarizing yourself with the camera features is necessary at this juncture. Learning the art of adjusting, accommodating, focusing, and readjusting yourself now to get the best view of the jewelry is your aim. Take the best shots from all possible angles to capture the elegance of the jewelry from every angle.

All You Need To Photograph Jewelry As A Vendor

Edit, Retake, Re-edit

Now that you have taken the photographs, you don’t just go right ahead to post them on the gram or your product website. Editing the images requires special editing skills and patience that, gladly, can be learned. The best photographs should be selected from the many and edits and final retouches made. Shots should be retaken when need be. Remember, this needs to look as great as possible to attract high-paying clients who would love every portion of your jewelry.

Jewelry photography does not require too much of your effort and time. Though it may be burdensome and incredibly stressful most times, it gets interesting once you have mastered the art. With the right equipment and your creativity to spice it up, photography becomes easy. 

Go, show the world the beauty you have in store!